Malkison Foundation is bible centered non-profit organiztion for kids & teens. An important step in communicating God's word to children is to ​minister to kids & Teens basic needs

Malkison Foundation Projects

About "Smile Package Project"

We want every kids to have healthy meal, school supplies & gift at time of their birthday & Christmas.  Smile Package Project is year long project. 

Meal "Smile Package"
​According to USDA, during the school year, 21 million children receive free and reduced-price breakfast and lunch. But when school is out, many of the children relying on these school meals, go hungry. 

Malkison Foundation "SMILE PACKAGE"project raise/collect money during month of January-March every year to support local agencies who work/sponsor USDA summer meal programs. 
Summer Meal help close the gap. Summer Meals give children the nutrition they need so they are ready to learn when they return to school. 

School Suppy "Smile Package"
During month of May-August we run School Supplies Drive. gathering backpacks and back-to-school supplies for children who come from low-income families & children that in need..

Our mission is to ensure that every child is prepared to learn and succeed in the classroom by providing free school supplies

Christmas "Smile Package"
Every year between month of September-November we collect money & new toys. We believe that every kid should experiacne the excitement of receaving a present on christmas, despite of their circumstances. Every year we start with 100 kids from Salvation Army Angel Tree.


About TIC Talk Project

Teen In Christ Talk (TIC TALK) is the councling platform for teens between the age of 13-19. Teenage is the time when a child's mind is maturing. This is the time where a person goes through physical, mental,emotional changes. The whole process of  how we mature, what experiences we have in our teenage, lays the foundation for adult life. Teenage is the time where we  are busy untangling the web of chaos, where we set our priorities. Many crucial decisions have to be taken.
One of the hardest, but most important things, is learning how to handle mistakes and overcome problems.
With TIC Talk Project our mission is to get in association with local christian organization & church so that we can address the matter by talking to teens.